IDAGF magazine is back for its second issue and it’s all concept, couture and Judi Dench.

I’ve long held the belief that there’s something really special about independent publications. There’s an earnestness in the writing and a freedom in the photography. Journalists are unbound by editorial dictatorship and unclawed by pushy PR people allowing a real voice to be heard and with a commercial interest in mind they’re oft entertaining to boot. IDGAF magazine has been gaining a lot of momentum, in part due to a focussed use of social media and the enthusiasm of all the involved parties and also because of its stellar content. A charismatic William Njobvu welcomes you to their second offering, the Dark Fantasy Issue with a velvet-clad Lethal Bizzle gracing the cover. Here the theme is darkness; the Gothic and the fearless. Reading it in this perpetually dark city transported me away from the rain and the noise to a place where spring fashion doesn’t mean florals and vamp isn’t just for Halloween.

The real heroes in these pages are its editorials.  There’s an excellent in artistry and styling, with the variety of designers offering a refreshing change from the lazily styled Topshop/Urban Outfitters clones found in lesser magazines. Some photo shoots are conceptual: statuesque models draped in blue fabric appear as Baroque pietá scenes; in another, a sharply suited male with Gary Numan cheekbones gazes from a graveyard, plotting to bring an end to the reign of Hollister and One Direction. Anton Corbijn photos wouldn’t look out of this place in this issue and I’d be surprised if his work hadn’t influenced at least one of the magazine’s contributors.

And despite all the shady undertones, the dark nights and scowling faces, there’s the hope of opulence, shining black diamonds and distressed silver, talented musicians and models as we move into 2014. Njobvu encourages the readers to set their own trends, bringing out the best in British fashion. All over Britain street style can be seen as eclectic. Our designers are the quirkiest from the internationally recognised Alexander McQueen to the quieter genius of jewellery maker Marianna Harutunian. In the same month that grunge princess Daria Werbowy (sp) graces the cover of British Vogue IDGAF presents their take on modern grunge complete with black roses and lace gloves and in an homage to Lady Gaga girls are accessories with black duct  tape.

For a visual treat, it’s nothing less than magic. Read it, we’ll talk about it and I’ll meet you by the cemetery gates.

Read it for free here: http://issuu.com/idgafmagazine/docs/finally_magazine     


What are your thoughts you little beaut? ♡

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