Many fashion designers love Halloween – and why wouldn’t they? It’s a night of dressing up, becoming someone else, exercising ones creative flair.

One of my personal favourites to champion crazy costumes is Dame Vivienne Westwood. She closed her A/W ’13 show in typical spooky fashion with a ghost bride carrying a yellow bouquet (a bad omen for some, it is said.) Her dress is the something new; and it’s borrowed, and her nails are blue.

The best thing about this look is how easy it is to replicate – a simple white dress can be easily accessorised with a lace veil from a charity shop or craft store.

Other fantastic options from Dame Viv are:


Morticia Adams… Black dress + beehive.


Black swan… tutu+face paint.


Little Red Riding Hood = red hood + wicker basket


Pop culture monk = brown cape + CVRCHES t-shirt

And there we have it, your high fashion Halloween is sorted with help from fashion’s brightest punk star.

Head on over to StyleBlogUK to have a look at my other picks this Halloweenhttp://stylebloguk.com/halloween-fashion-2013-runway/

All pictures taken from Style.com 


2 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  1. omg this is SO cool! fashion designers are just the best! btw they showed the halloween episode of Buffy, a very creepy one btw, yesterday on tv- and Halloween was last week!!! Hello?! who is making the tv programme nowadays?? *sigh*

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